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Arlington Center

Arlington Center

We got walloped on Friday.  Then yesterday we got walloped for much of the day, albeit gradually.  Today we're getting walloped at a faster pace again.

I just stuck my handy tape measure through the snow on our house's back deck, which is a solid and relatively undisturbed coat, and measured it at 11 inches (28 cm).

I suppose I should shovel or something.

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Babies have jet lag

Anna Holden

Anna Holden

It's true.  They spend months being rocked to sleep during the day and emerge thinking it's the best time to have a 14-hour nap.  At least that's what Mini-Me seems to think.  We're in the process of helping her adjust to Eastern Standard Time.

A gallery of photos of baby Anna should appear here soon.  In the interim, here she is on her first day in the hospital.

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Rosamond the Strange

She's strange, but she's not Rosamond

She's strange, but she's not Rosamond

I knew it!

The first time I saw an image of Goth icon Emily the Strange I swore I was looking at Rosamond, a character from the illustrated Nate the Great child detective books.  But it wasn't her: it was an almost identical character with a new name.  Rosamond was a very strange girl who was perpetually surrounded by her cats and often involved in Nate the Great's cases, and I assumed that the creators of the book series had renamed her.

I've been wondering for years why the name "Rosemond" wasn't suitable for their marketing, but today BoingBoing linked to an article on You Thought We Wouldn't Notice, a blog that highlights artistic rip-offs, and it turns out that Emily may not be a licensed use of Rosamond.  See for yourself.  The comparison images show what an extraordinary rip-off Emily is. I hope the owners of Emily the Strange give credit (and royalties) where due.

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Beer of the Month: Hopfest

Yes, it's a wine glass

Yes, it's a wine glass

Summer calls for crisp, refreshing beers: the less malt-heavy, the better. Which is why I decided to pick up a few bottles of Hopfest by Josephs Brau, a brewey in San Jose, California.  Hoppy beers, done well, are as crisp as they come.

Having no pint glasses available I tossed the entire bottleful into a red wine glass.  Like a fine wine, a decent beer will always have a bouquet that can enhance its flavor, and drinking some beers from wine glasses can actually improve them.  In fact most Belgian beers are consumed from custom bowl-shaped glasses for this very reason.

This turns out to be a good move with Hopfest, because despite its hoppy start (and it's really hoppy, more so than even most IPAs) its finish is very much like that of a lightly spicy Belgian blond ale.  You have to wait a few seconds for it, but its very present, very unexpected, and thoroughly enjoyable.

If you don't favor hoppy beers, this isn't for you.  But if you enjoy the kick of a strongly-hopped brew, this one has some unexpected surprises.

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