pedestrian opening of the new bridge, 2002

On the afternoon of October 6, 2002, the city of Boston opened the new Leonard Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge to the public. Pedestrians were allowed to cross and tour the bridge for free, and the beautiful day attracted thousands of people. Built as part of the Central Artery Tunnel Project (or Big Dig) the bridge is now in use by northbound traffic, so crossing it on foot was a rare opportunity. I hope you enjoy the photos I took on this unique day.

20021006-03 - Old Central Artery Roadway Towers over the Southern Approach.png
Old Central Artery roadway towers over the southern approach.
20021006-04 - The Bridge, Looking North.png
The bridge, looking north.
20021006-05 - Andrea And Ed Pose on the Bridge.png
Andrea and Ed pose on the bridge.
20021006-06 - South Cable Support.png
South cable support.
20021006-07 - Crowds, Cables and the Boston Skyline.png
Crowds, cables and the Boston skyline.
20021006-09 - Dedication Plaque.png
The Bridge's dedication plaque.
20021006-10 - North Cable Support in Silhouette.png
North cable support in silhouette.
20021006-11 - The Skyline from the Bridge.png
The skyline from the bridge.
20021006-13 - Andrea on the Bunker Hill Bridge.png
Andrea on the Bunker Hill bridge.
20021006-14 - North Tower Cable Blocks the Sun.png
North tower cable blocks the sun.
20021006-15 - Walkers on the Bridge.png
Walkers on the bridge.
20021006-17 - South Cable Support.png
South cable spport.
20021006-18 - South Cable Support.png
South cable support.