pseudo-random data

This is a very special page for pseudo-random data - a place for all things that do not clearly belong in some other place. Please be careful when using this section of my site, as it follows very little logic and has no organizational structure.


Andrea and I were married on June 25th, 2005. You can visit our wedding photographer's site to order photos, or just look at them.


My page devoted to misused apostrophe's in public view. Call me obsessed.

a letter from douglas adams

In June of 1995 I exchanged e-mails with Douglas Adams. More than once, actually, though the first time it was about the number 42, which he disregarded. But when I asked him about Americans and tea I got an essay in my inbox. Few people have written me longer e-mails. Since I try to save all of my e-mail I have his excellent reply here.

links to funny things

star wars

A rant called The Subtext of Star Wars that I wrote after having an argument about the subject is now here.