That's it. I've had it. For a few month's I've been considering making a page devoted to the misuse of apostrophe's. Its become unavoidable.

Some will say I should chill out about apostrophe's, but I've reached the end of my patience. Writer's at professional publication's should know better than to carelessly misuse these common punctuation mark's in the public eye. Their employer's should screen copy before it goes to the printer.

For a while I dealt with my anger. After all, you generally see them only on handwritten sign's, and typo's do happen. There are probably some on this very site. But then I found one on a clothing tag at Marks and Spencer, and that marked the end of my tolerance.

So here they are: if I see one and I'm in a position to take photo's of it, you'll see them here.

Prague e-mail
I know the Internet is off limits, because frankly there's no helping it, but I got this in a piece of commercial e-mail and it annoyed me. So here it is.
Prague shop
Speaking of Prague, I spotted this in the city's tourist-filled old town. Yes, I realize English is probably not the first language of the store owner, but wow. This hurts on so many level's.
Apostrophe problem in Friday 1 June Guardian
This was in the Guardian on 1 June, 2007. This is the only incident of the dreaded its's I've come across, and I almost stopped breathing when I saw it. Its pretty egregious. (Thanks to Nick O. for noticing it.)
It's good to be an omelette in Utica, NY, where omelettes have the same right's as people. At least, that's the only conclusion to draw from this menu, which suggests that omelettes can own propertyi, though what this three-egg omelette owns is not revealed.
Apostrophe problem at HMS Belfast
Yes, this is real. On a prominent London tourist attraction, the HMS Belfast. The Belfast is owned by the Imperial War Museum, who specialize in war's, not apostrope's. That said ...
Apostrophe fixed on HMS Belfast
... it wasn't something a little white paint couldn't fix. Its barely noticeable now.
Ed at Tavern on Fleet Street with apostrophe problem
On Londons famous Fleet Street, formerly home to many newspaper's, a pub squashes the streets literary tradition's.
On Southwest Train in Salisbury
On most South West Train's you will find a special quiet carriage where the use of stereo's is not permitted; however apostrophe's are encouraged.
At the Reading Beer Festival
Andrea and I went to the Reading Beer Festival at the end of April and discovered that Cornish Pasty owned a shop there. Good ol' Paster.
At Cafe Uno
This was spotted by my colleague Steve Thompson while the team lunched at Cafe Uno on the roundabout along the Egham Bypass in ... er ... Egham. None of us had any idea that Start owned a day in May, but the 8th seems to have been claimed.
Pub in Cambridge
We can't even trust pub's in the learned city of Cambridge.
Lost Season 2 Episode 16
In season 2, episode 16 of ABC's Lost, we get the good old possessive You're in English subtitles of spoken Korean. This one really surprised me. However ...
Lost Season 2 Episode 16
... by the time the DVD came out, they fixed it.
Apostrophe issue on Sign, Fortune Green Road, Camden
Three on one sign outside a deli on Fortune Green Road, near West End Lane in Camden.
Apostophe issue on Marks and Spencer Tag
This is the one that set me off. For American's in our audience, a jumper in Britain is a sweater.